Sino Prosperity Real Estate Fund L.P. (“SPRE Fund”) is a private equity fund which participates in real estate and enterprise project, especially in mainland China, through investing in equity interest with a view to sharing profits and losses, thus injecting long-term development financing to the property market.
Xin Cai Global
Xin Cai Global Holdings Limited (“XiCGL”) is an independently managed private equity company focusing on investment businesses and opportunities throughout Asia-Pacific, the U.S. and the Europe regions. Leveraging on the expertise and extensive connections of our team members, we endeavor ourselves to develop asset restructuring for our partners. Through the flexible allocation of equity rights and creditor’s rights, we place investment strategies on distressed assets, non-performing loans and slow-moving properties to optimize and revitalize the assets by developing their values to the full extent and thus, achieving the utmost economic benefits. Meanwhile, we provide a professional, reliable and adjustable platform for our investors to allow flexibility for the turnover of working capital.